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Are you prepared for your upcoming system conversion?

End Your Pursuit for System Conversion Support With Pursuit Healthcare Advisors

Pursuit System Conversion Services:

We understand complexities and challenges that healthcare organizations face with the implementation or upgrade of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and other systems. Pursuit Healthcare Advisors (Pursuit) can help your enterprise achieve success as you transition to your new environment; thereby improving care delivery, business performance, and health outcomes benefiting your clinicians and patients. 

  • Guided Discovery – Our Guided Discovery program is a unique meeting facilitation process that delivers high-powered/high-energy brainstorming sessions that energizes your team and yields thoughtful strategic discussions. The program will enable your leadership team to consider a wide variety of issues as you get ready to embark upon your project.
    • Organization of major project components
    • Review key contractual items
    • Discuss program scope/deliverables
    • Outline key timelines and milestones
    • Summarize resource requirements/staffing
    • Review Program and Project Management Strategy
    • Identify and describe key elements of the conversion plan
  • Project Management – Pursuit brings an understanding of technical and operational subject matter expertise. We provide a certified team utilizing a proven methodology and process which are transitioned to your team for success on future projects.
  • Implementation Consultants – Our healthcare professionals, most with clinical background and each with an average 15 years industry experience, work alongside your existing team as you implement your new EHR.
  • Legacy Systems Support – Let our team of vendor specific consultants keep the “lights on” as you work through your system conversion. Put the focus back on transitioning your IT staff to the new EHR build and not sustaining your old platform.
  • Customized E-Learning & Training Programs – We can build custom courses tailored to your organization’s workflows which will result in higher user adoption and faster, more effective Go-Lives. The programs can suit your unique needs via a traditional classroom setting and as an eLearning course.
  • Scalable Go-Live Support – Pursuit offers services and solutions that can take you from your pre Go- Live environment with assessments and planning through Go-Live with elbow-to-elbow support, training and command centers to post Go-Live optimizations.
  • Optimization Support – Offered for clinical and financial systems, Pursuit will customize our services to address your enterprise needs. From assistance with Meaningful Use to process improvement and change management, design and development to testing and reporting. Pursuit can help you complete successful initiatives.
  • Financial Performance Services – Straight forward solutions that walk you through five steps to a sustainable resolution to the most pressing needs within your Revenue Cycle. We can measure, identify, design, execute, and monitor for results that are data driven and ROI focused.