Services Box - Use Mobility to Drive PopHealth Strategy

Use Mobility to Drive PopHealth Strategy

Watch our webinar and learn how to leverage advances in Secure Mobility technology to support your Population Health Management initiatives.

Our Population Health Management Service Offerings

For many organizations, the arduous journey toward securely and effectively exchanging health information has been filled with challenges around value justification, second guesses on deployment approach, and pessimism on its adoption by the physician community. Unfortunately Health Information Exchange (HIE) is just the first leg in the triathlon-like effort to derive value from the petabytes of clinical data captured by your organization on an annual basis.

Most Healthcare Executives agree that the path to financial sustainability is connected to an organization’s ability to detect and proactively manage its population’s most expensive disease categories by leveraging the “Big Data” generated on an hour by hour basis from multiple and disparate sources.

Establishing a PMO and staffing it with experienced (and ideally, PMI certified) professionals is a critical success factor for today’s increasingly complex healthcare IT environment.

Pursuit Healthcare Advisors is well positioned to ensure that all of the required building blocks of an organization’s Population Health Management Program are in place and aligned to deliver the business and clinical outcomes to support a successful Population Health Management initiative.

Our Population Health Management Service offerings include Program and Project Management in the following focus areas:

  • Health Information Exchange Lifecycle Management
  • EMR Connectivity & HIE Portal Optimization Services
  • Data Analytics Solutions
  • Technology Selection & Implementation
  • Clinical Data Integration Assessment & Optimization
  • ACO/PHO Strategic Assessments
  • Physician Office Adoption, Compliance, & Transformation 
  • MU Stage X Operational Readiness