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ProVantedge is a scalable, standard toolkit for our proven project management methodology that will enable and support a consistent and repeatable approach to managing projects and launching a Project Management Office.

Program/Project Management

Want to master the triple constraint? Pursuit Healthcare Advisors has the solution.

Why Invest in a Project Management Office?

A question we often hear from healthcare executives is: "Why should I invest in a PMO? We manage just fine with our IT analysts and managers running our projects." Our question in response is: “Are you aware that 40% of IT projects fail? Can you afford to pay twice for 40% of your projects?”

Establishing a PMO and staffing it with experienced (and ideally PMI certified) professionals is a critical success factor for today’s increasingly complex healthcare IT environment.

Our PMO Methodology Service Offerings


Our ProVantedge service is the cornerstone of our consulting offerings. We provide the services and tools to create a sustainable PMO through a tactical approach that helps your organization build the necessary tools, methodology, and processes to support a consistent and repeatable approach to managing projects.   We have developed a proven methodology and accompanying PMO templates to get your PMO up and running in a time and cost-efficient way.

PMO Advisory Services

If you already have an established PMO, our Advisory Services can assist you with fine tuning your operations. It’s common to get the basics of the PMO off the ground and then find that they have fallen by the wayside. Our advisors can get your PMO back in shape, recover projects at risk, and train your team to sustain the PMO. 

PMO Staffing

When you find yourself in a resource pinch and need an interim PMO Director or seasoned project or program manager, we can provide a PMI certified consultant for your short or long term staffing needs.